MVL’s storage facility will be located on site and indoors. Our fully climate-controlled facility will make sure your car is not exposed to any harsh elements. MVL Leasing also has a service center so there will always be technicians on site to look after your cars when the duty calls. Some cars require more care than a simple car cover. Some need to be periodically checked on and driven to maintain their stellar looks and performance. A lot goes into storing vehicles. If you don’t know what is involved you can count on our team of service professionals to make sure all is in order: battery levels and chargeability, fluid level checks, tire pressure checks, and fuel treatment. Our team of technicians is familiar with the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the various rare, high-end, and exotic cars offered from all manufacturers.

MVL’s facility is endowed with a high level of security featuring 24 hour surveillance through closed-circuit cameras and sophisticated alarm system directly connected to local authorities. We also offer detailing and technical prep for when you want to pick up your car to enjoy. Pick-up and drop-off can be had at an extra charge or included as part of a selected storage package.

All vehicles are placed on specially designed trickle chargers that offer temperature correction as well as de-sulfating the battery while charging. They also provide protection against power outages and short circuiting resuming proper charging when power is restored.

MVL’s storage facility is also able to offer storage for motorcycles. Whether you have that custom Harley or handful of race bikes, we can keep them out of the way and safe. If you want to open up some space at your home and keep your stable out of harms way, this is your solution! Call today for details.