McLaren MP4-12C

The newsest addition to the Supercar market comes from McLaren. In the form of the MP4-12C model.

Certainly not to be confused with McLaren’s F1 model, it takes direct aim at the Ferrari 458 Italia market. Performance figures aside, initial feedback from our clients has been extremely positive. Gear ratios , engine & exhaust sound and handling have all been graded with high marks. One factor that every client has mentioned as a positive is the seats and how they fit for performance and as important for comfort. The negatives are quickly outnumbered by the positives, but they are there none the less. McLaren’s toy like badging got a thumbs down, looking like a remake of the old Saturn logo, or as one client put it, ” something from Star Trek’s Starfleet Command”. Small issues when compared to the positives this vehicle exhibits.

By all accounts, the end result is this is a winner for McLaren, and some serious competition for the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Have to say McLaren’s website for this vehicle is outstanding top to bottom. Check it out.

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– Doug Anderson
Twitter: @DougRAnderson