Author: Mohanad Fouda

Fancy an electric Porsche to have some fun in? Well, your prayers were heard and now, Porsche is making the Taycan EV. Read more about it here...Read More

When you read that the 2019 G63 AMG can do 60 MPH in 3.9 seconds from a dead stop, you start appreciating the engineering that went into making this truck. 3.9 seconds is very quick for a vehicle ...Read More

Ford revealed the new Shelby GT500 during the Detriot Auto Show. The GT500 is expected to have over 700 horsepower. That is a figure that can scare Hellcat owners. Sadly for now, the GT500 will on...Read More


The distracted driving fines are now more serious than ever. The Globe and Mail explains the consequences of using a handheld device while driving. Read the full article Here...Read More

The new Toyota Supra sports car was revealed! Based on the price, the Supra is looking to be the better value proposition compared to the BMW Z4, which it is based on. Find out more about it Here...Read More

The LC Convertible is trying to attack the Mercedes-Benz S Class convertible. Will Lexus be able to crack such a controlled market? Find out more Here...Read More

The CLA will no longer just all looks and no go. The new CLA will be based the new A-Class, which delivers luxury, performance, and good looks. To read more about the new CLA, Click Here....Read More

Face-lifted for 2019, the R8 remains the comfortable, daily driver friendly supercar. Read more about it Here...Read More

The Corvette has always been known as the worker’s sports car. While this could be sort of true, lately, the Corvette is been aiming to beat those brands from the other side of the pond. And...Read More

The SUV with a heart of a lion. This is one of the better sounding SUVs on the market. And it is aging nicely too. Read more here....Read More