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MVL Leasing Limited has been in business serving the Canadian market since 1983. The diversity of our products is matched only by the diversity of our services. We offer an array of vehicles that are sure to tickle a fancy or simply to serve a purpose. MVL is one of Canada’s most trusted independent resources for exotic and high-end cars. We provide the car, we provide the financing/leasing, we provide the full experience.

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We are committed to making you a long-lasting customer and friend.

  • Mat Nadrofsky

    Both MVL and especially Tyson Bond were exceptional to deal with throughout the entire purchase process. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of buying a vehicle through MVL (and it is indeed an experience) and will be coming to MVL for all future purchases in this area. I can't say enough good things and one specific area they really shine in is post [...]

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  • Leslie Babel

    Such beautiful cars. Wow. The rare, hard to get ones, you can get here.

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  • Zak Mashadi

    Great service and great cars. TWI is a happy customer.

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  • Kelly Breard

    Awesome service and a huge selection of the best cars. Very impressed with the customer service. They made everything so easy and simple.

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  • Steve PSI

    Great people great cars. All are welcome. Me and my son's pop in every once and a while and they are very accommodating.

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